Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pizza Uno

24th June 2007 - I received a SMS from Boon in the afternoon asking if I wanted to join him and Quan for dinner. I agreed. Ash, Yap and Munz came to join us as well. We had an early dinner cause I had to attend YKLS rehearsal at 8pm. We met up at Pizza Uno, Centre Point at about 6pm. I have never tried the foods served at Pizza Uno. But I heard it tasted good. I wanted to order the pizzas but I was attracted to Fish & Chips. I ordered that instead.

We were there till about 7.45pm, then I went for my rehearsal. The guys went to Section 14 for a game of Dota.

Random pictures to share.

Boon and Ash


BabyJen and Quan