Friday, July 6, 2007


29th June 2007 -- The long awaited movie, Transformers! Well, 8/10 is my rate for the movie. I was never quite a fan of Transformers until I watched this. Geees! So much of action and all in it. My favourite Transformers now is Bumblebee. Quite a touchy movie as well, especially when Bumblebee got injured. To those of you who haven't watch Transformers, I suggest you to do so. Worth it, though. Unless you really, really dislike it. Hehe!



BabyJen and Winnie

Shiro, Penny and Ash

Shawn, Boon and Yap

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pizza Uno

24th June 2007 - I received a SMS from Boon in the afternoon asking if I wanted to join him and Quan for dinner. I agreed. Ash, Yap and Munz came to join us as well. We had an early dinner cause I had to attend YKLS rehearsal at 8pm. We met up at Pizza Uno, Centre Point at about 6pm. I have never tried the foods served at Pizza Uno. But I heard it tasted good. I wanted to order the pizzas but I was attracted to Fish & Chips. I ordered that instead.

We were there till about 7.45pm, then I went for my rehearsal. The guys went to Section 14 for a game of Dota.

Random pictures to share.

Boon and Ash


BabyJen and Quan

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tony Roma's

23rd June 2007, Saturday -- I met up with my friends for dinner at Tony Roma's. It's actually my first time there. I felt really warm (not heat, but the environment). Prolly cause of the dim dark lights they have there. Well, the food tasted good too. I would definitely visit Tony Roma's again.

Tony Roma's at Pyramid Shopping Centre.

BabyJen, Winnie and Eri.

Winnie, Eri, Munz, BabyJen, Ash, Yap and Eugene at the dinner table.

Us, at the bar.

Urrm, the guys were actually checking the girls out at the skating ring. I interrupted and told them to look at me (the camera) instead.

Dream.Erz again.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Random - Conversation With My Darling Sister

Busy, I am. Has been a long time since I last saw and spoke to my sister, Jen Ai. Well although we live in the same house, we hardly get to just sit and talk. I work from 9am to 6pm and then I'm off for YKLS rehearsals. Where as, she works from 10am to 7pm. And when I get home after rehearsals, she's asleep already.

While at work this morning, we chatted online. Here's part of our conversation. Psst, she didn't even know YKLS performed last night and will be performing tonight as well. So in meaning to say, she has no idea what I'm up to. *LOL*


BabyJen Loves You. says: (10:40:35 AM)
07.07.07 u working?

j . e . n . a . i [- life's like this -] says: (10:40:40 AM)

j . e . n . a . i [- life's like this -] says: (10:40:44 AM)
wht day is tht

BabyJen Loves You. says: (10:40:49 AM)
eh eh... go hangout's forum...

j . e . n . a . i [- life's like this -] says: (10:40:49 AM)
u get married ar

j . e . n . a . i [- life's like this -] says: (10:40:50 AM)
so nice date

BabyJen Loves You. says: (10:40:53 AM)

BabyJen Loves You. says: (10:40:56 AM)
how u know geh?

j . e . n . a . i [- life's like this -] says: (10:41:29 AM)
yea right..

BabyJen Loves You. says: (10:41:39 AM)

j . e . n . a . i [- life's like this -] says: (10:41:39 AM)
u wan me save this msg.. i put in my blog

BabyJen Loves You. says: (10:41:43 AM)

BabyJen Loves You. says: (10:41:49 AM)
i was about to do that


See? I guess, she wouldn't know if I am getting married. Hahaha!

Okie! YKLS will be performing (opening act for Trinity Choir) again tonight at KL Convention Centre.

Till then, see you all in my next entry!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Short Break

Remember this?

I will be taking a short break from blogging this weekend as I'll be really busy. The Young KL Singers will be performing the opening act for the Trinity Choir Concert in Malaysia on Sunday (1st July 2007) and Monday (2nd July 2007) night.

We attended the choir exchange today at KLPac. Trinity Choir are a bunch of friendly people and very out-going as well. Well, we didn't get to talk much today because we only had a short time to practice our songs.

So anyway guys, I don't know if any of my readers here would be watching the production. If you recognized me, come and greet me okie?