Thursday, June 28, 2007

Breaking News!

Gosh! I have just experienced the worst case scenario which happened just 30 mins ago. I was with my parents having dinner at Chow Yang Restaurant (besides Nasi Kayu Kandar) then we heard a speeding motorcycle from far. Then everyone started running and shouting. Wondered what happened, we got up from our seats and tried to look what happened at the main road.

Then I saw a group of people whacking a single person. Apparently, this particular guy had snatched a lady's necklace. The lady shouted and everyone came running to stop him. Note, it was a pasar malam night. So you can imagine how many people were there.

Imagine all the pasar malam uncles and young guys came and whack a single person! Everyone shouted at him saying, "Sorry, sorry what?" "Mau curi lagi kah?" And some other chinese statements. They kept on whacking him with anything they could grab. Chairs were broken, sticks were broken and they even took the stall stands to whack him. It's metal, you know?

And I was like just standing in front, watching them whacking him. I could see his head bleeding and all. He did try to escape, but obviously he couldn't. So he just sat there, placing his arms around his head in order not to get so much impact from the kicking and whacking. My heart beat was pumping so fast. I wanted to take my mobile out to record the scenario, but was afraid to do so.

They gathered around him until a police car came and took him off. I only managed to take a snapshot of his motorcycle. And if you noticed, the broken stick on the main road was one of the weapons that were used to whack him.

The broadcasting at Chow Yang pasar malam is excellent. Even the uncles at the other end of the row knew what had just happened.